About CESL

We believe the easiest way to grow is to let go. At Customer Engagement Services Limited: CESL we can take some of the weight for you.

You may have guessed, we do not buy into the Kiwi false modesty thing. Why would we? Selling is another strong suit of ours.

We have cut our teeth working with financial and corporate giants, examining and helping build international and domestic business from the inside out. We still service many large establishments. On the strength of our background working with the big boys, we realised that the real opportunity for our own growth is to partner with SME’s.
We reckon New Zealand entrepreneurs and businesses are among the most innovative, dynamic and hardworking in the world. We want to be the positive player in more Kiwi success stories by helping businesses work smarter.

Of the many things we have learned in our time is that the fundamentals of a successful business remain the same for any operation, large or small. The universal pillars of leadership, culture, service, brand and innovation are the keys to sustained business excellence. Together, these lessons forge an enduring bond between inspired leaders, motivated employees, satisfied customers, and an ability to continually grow the brand.
We have extensive experience in successfully managing every area of business from debt recovery and profit and loss analysis to training, telemarketing, sales and changing client business models to best meet their market.
While we could spend all day blowing our own trumpets we would much rather be talking about how we can assist you and your business.
If you would like to find out more about us give us a call. Remember our success is your success. Our goal is to help you profit and grow.

We also offer Telemarketing services

Turbo charge your revenue pipeline with targeted marketing campaigns supported by highly specialised telemarketing professionals. At CESL we understand it’s about building an ongoing relationship, not just closing the sale.

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