Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What experience does CESL have in collections training?

A. CESL has significant experience in credit management and credit recovery which is supported by our professional training team who have relevant qualifications and experience developing and delivering collection training.

Q. What can I expect from collector training?

A. Every business is different with varying levels of skills & experience. CESL can provide you with a basic collector program or work with you to tailor training that suits your budget and needs.

Q. We don’t have an inhouse trainer?

A. CESL has a complete inhouse training team that can design, develop and deliver training for your business, we can also help with developing staff or managers to deliver training.

Q. How do we know if the training has been effective?

A. ROI is very important to any business, CESL conducts a pre-and post-assessment of your team, and will work with you to ensure the effectiveness of our training.

Q. What experience does CESL have in sales and sales training?

A. CESL’s primary L&D specialist has worked with some of NZ’s largest businesses and has a proven track record in sales and the design and delivery of sales programs.

Q. What type of sales training do you cover?

A. CESL can deliver training for Telemarketing, retail and account managers for both consumer sales and B2B sales.

Q. I’ve looked at other companies and training is expensive, what are your costs?

A. Training can be costly and is dependent on the complexity and time taken to design and develop a program, we have structured our pricing to make training more obtainable for SME’s without diminishing the quality of our programs.

Q. Do you deliver the training at our office or do we have to come to you?

A. Our training is delivered to your business only, i.e. we do not run sessions with other businesses, and we are more than happy to fit in with your needs. We can run sessions at your site or a designated training facility.

Q. I’m not sure if I want to outsource my sales, is it worth it?

A. Outsourcing sales is a great way to grow your business without having the need to employ and train staff. CESL have the experience, processes and resources to take care of your sales for you whilst maintaining the integrity of your brand.

Q. What experience does CESL have in sales?

A. CESL’s foundations have come from working in collections, customer service and sales and have worked with some of NZ’s largest businesses. We have proven track records working, supporting and managing sales and telesales teams.

Q. Do you specialise in any particular industry?

A. We have experience selling a varied range of products and services and are more than happy to discuss supporting your business.

Q. What is the cost?

A. Cost is dependent on the products or services and your requirements. Some businesses only want lead generation for a set time frame, whist others want their products sold daily. We have many options to support your business needs, so give us a call to discuss.

Q. How much will it cost me?

A. We operate a simple commission rate structure however the commission rate can be impacted by the age of the debt and the amount of the debt. We’ll work with you on the appropriate commission rate for your debt.
Note: Your terms of trade may allow for collection costs to be added to the debt, if in doubt then we can review those terms and advise.

Q. Are there any other costs?

A. We will only charge commission on the amount we collect.
No Collect = No Pay.
However there may be instances where we generate extra costs, such as for example litigation action. We will discuss these costs with you prior to action, and request your approval.

Q. What are your minimum amounts and age of the debts that you will collect on?

A. The general rule is that we will collect on debts $500 or greater and debt less than 3 years in age. However if you are intending on sending regular debt loads to us then we can discuss your specific needs and advise accordingly.

Q. Do you default debtors with a Credit Bureau?

A. Through our relationship with one of New Zealand’s leading Credit Bureaus we can load and manage the default process on your behalf.