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Credit Management & Debt Recovery


In good times and bad there is nothing worse than a late paying customer. It is your cashflow that suffers not to mention the energy and staff it takes to keep on top of it. Recovering debt is a job that no body likes to do. Instead leave it to the experts at CESL because it is something we do very well.

Outsource your credit management and debt recovery to CESL and we will provide a complete friendly service, customised for your business. From reminder calls to overdue customers, and collecting outstanding debt, our experts know exactly how to work with your clients and get you back on the recovery track.

But what about my reputation?

Rest assured we are not in the business of losing you customers. Our credit management team employ discrete systems and techniques that not only ensure that your customer’s pay on time, they also protect your brand and your long-term business relationships.

If you would prefer to learn how to manage your credit and debt yourself then our development specialists can upskill your team with a fit for purpose model suitable to your business area.

Our techniques and systems are proven so whether you want CESL in the ring with you or outside as a coach we can help design a plan that will get you back in control of your credit and debt situation.

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We also offer Telemarketing services

Turbo charge your revenue pipeline with targeted marketing campaigns supported by highly specialised telemarketing professionals. At CESL we understand it’s about building an ongoing relationship, not just closing the sale.

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