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In business she’ll be right is the wrong approach.

They say Cashflow is king, yet even in times of prosperity and growth many businesses see their revenue stream running the wrong way. Nothing hurts profit and cashflow like bad debts. They are a drain on resources, operational health and a distraction that no business needs.

At CESL we have got your back. We handle credit management issues for businesses of all sizes from SME’s to large financial institutions. We can pinpoint where things are going wrong, show you how to turn them around and manage the recovery process for you.

Your success is our objective. Our in-house Credit Management team are all skilled negotiators. They will talk you through the collection process and update you as we work to resolve your claims, as amicably and swiftly as possible.

We customize a plan of action and recovery approach that is suitable to your business. We have the skills and techniques to settle bad debts without damaging your relationships, goodwill or your brand.

Outsource your debt recovery to CESL and free up your valuable time and capital, so you can spend it growing your business.

Here are our core debt recovery services we provide:

• Early and late stage contingent debt collection- we act on your behalf throughout the collections process
• White Label Debt Collection- many organisations want their brand front and centre at all times. At CESL we offer white label collection services where we make and take calls as if we’re one of your team. With a robust call quality framework and with every call recorded you can feel assured we will represent your brand to your expectations
• Consultancy- we are experts at debt recovery. We can review your current practices against industry standards and provide you with recommendations of how best to optimize your current collection processes.

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