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AML Consulting

Meeting AML/CFT obligations is no quick fix. The AML/CFT Legislation is very prescriptive and requires entities to adhere to the provisions as set out in the act. At CESL we can consult to the business and design an AML/CFT programme that is unique to your business and provides peace of mind that the required programme, policies and procedures are designed correctly and implemented.

Here is our consultancy process:

Understand nature and complexity of the business.

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Understand where the risks of Money Laundering may occur from the entities business operation.

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Assessment and documentation of compliance gaps versus requirements of the AML/CFT Legislation.

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Build the document that describes the entities approach to AML/CFT Compliance

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Detailed Policy and Procedures documentation that covers the requirements of the Act:

  • Customer Due Diligence (CDD)
    • Standard Due Diligence
    • Simplified Due Diligence
    • Enhanced Due Diligence
    • Politically Exposed Persons
  • Suspicious Activities Reporting
  • Record keeping
  • Wire Transfers
  • AML/CFT Auditing
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3-4 months post implementation of the programme a review and mini audit of the programme and feedback document provided

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We’ve partnered with fee funder Feesmart to provide the option to spread professional fees over a three, six, nine or twelve month period.

Contact us today to discuss our AML/CFT Consultancy services and how you can reduce impact on your cash-flow by utilizing our fee funding option.